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Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo Farmers Market

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#21 Priscilla

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Posted 12 September 2010 - 04:51 PM

Another incredibly bustling day at this market... very good. Makes parking a smidge more difficult, but no big. Esp. if it means a bustling fm.

Fruit at 1/2 price was on again today, so I think possibly more peach jam will be in the making this week. Ivan and Le Mangeur attested after last week's batch that it is their favorite preserve EVAR, so there's a motivator right there.

And Ivan also restocked white peaches for his old-Italian-guy peach-in-wine trip.

These days, JUST on the far side of peak of season, have a bittersweetness, because these perfect peaches are not long for this world. So eat them we must. Mario Batali reminds us that the Italians have a word for reveling in what's in season in all and any forms -- scorpacciata. They are so good about having just the right word for things... after all it is also the Italian language which gives us mollica and crosta, isn't it.

In this same spirit of scorpacciata we bought yet more salmon, a beautiful whole Sockeye, evocatively iced by the "Road Show" fish guy at a little fish boutique I like to call Costco. For to be stuffed w/herbs and thinly sliced onion and grilled, after the baby squarshes Ivan likes so well come off. Better get on the green sauce, hadn't I.

More cantaloupe from 2 different vendors, already visibly weakening, although I know from experience there is likely to be another breath of life in the cantaloupe department before we're completely through. The weakening works in my favor, however, since I like 'em dead ripe.

Some slices will be matched with Serrano ham, for starters, as Serrano surprisingly turned up at Claro's this a.m. and the nice guy we got at the counter did such a fantastic job slicing it.

#22 Priscilla

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 04:28 PM

After our quick trip to the Newport market due to our NEED for Me?os' greenleaf and beets, we proceeded in the rain to AV/LN, where we were lucky enough to get in right as everybody was beginning to pack up.

The farmers had given it a good 3-1/2 hours. And customers were out, buying stuff.

Of course this addresses important aspects that we like about this market, actual cooking ingredients on offer, and actual cooks shopping.

Neither farmers nor cooks let a little rain get in their way, in my experience. Every fm I've shopped in since the 1980s has been relatively unaffected by rain.

And I am SO thankful for the small mountain of a variety of absolutely gorgeous veg roasting in the oven as I type, and the fruit bin happily restocked with the crispilicious Fujis from our favorite fruit vendor.

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Posted 12 December 2011 - 09:21 AM

Can it be that it was just about a YEAR ago I last commented on this fabulous market's topic?

Went yesterday leaving EMPTY fruit & veg bins at home in the fridge, happy to refill them upon return.

Apples are just STUPENDOUS this year. Of course they're always good, from our favorite vendor (and, I imagine, others, though I wouldn't know personally on account of keeping on buying from my favorite all these years), but this year, something special. The extra cold and extra rain have their benefits, for fruit & veg.

Beautiful Swiss chard from OC Produce, and my $1 cabbage. Oh, and giant snowy cauliflowers too, from OCP. Gorgeous.

And satisfactorily restocked stocks.

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 12:29 PM

Good visit to this nice market, which continues to be Ivan's fave. And of course I like it a lot, too.

It's always great to see all the cooks at the market, getting in their supplies. There's just a lot a lot a lot of cooking going on out there in Laguna Niguel/Aliso Viejo, srsly.